Academico Viseu vs Derby County pre season friendly TV and and live stream

EFL Championship side Derby County will continue preparation for the upcoming season with a test match against Portuguese side Academico Viseu. Derby County are preparing for a big season in the EFL Championship. What is the date and kick off time? Date: Tuesday, 16th July 2024 Kick off time: 1PM UK  Where to watch Academico Viseu vs Derby County FC ? Unfortunately, there is no broadcast information for the game. However, Derby County fans can check RAMS TV for a live stream of the game.

Fully funded Scholarship abroad Work and get paid

Are you considering where to study and get a certified Bachelor’s Degree? Well, look no further, as we have brought you a detailed article on how to go about it. Education, they say, is the future of the world. And with technological advancement over the years, you should equip yourself with some of the most in-demand skills with certificates. It isn't easy to find universities and schools that offer these degrees in your country. That's a reason you should look elsewhere. Thankfully, there are schools in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States offering free scholarship program for international students. Interestingly, you can also work and get paid while studying for your bachelor degree. So how could that be achieved? Well, find that as you read. How to get a scholarship in your country  1. Do a Research If you want to succeed, you must be on the lookout for scholarship programs that organisations, governments, and universities offer.

How to travel and work abroad

Many people desire to travel out of their country or city for tourism, career development, work and leisure. However, some people are usually faced with the constraints that come with it from Visa procurement, accommodation and funds for the whole trip. But that, you can quickly get through the entire process and land your dream destination. Do you want to work abroad and get paid quickly? Then look no further and follow these steps  Earn in dollars, euros, and pounds  One of the advantages you get from working abroad is the ability to receive your pay or salary in foreign currency. You can also open an account where your earnings will be saved. How to get a job abroad  1. Get your papers The first and most important thing is to get the right papers from the immigration office before setting off. The papers are your visa and other documents like identity cards, birth certificates, work experience, etc. 2. Ensure that you have a skill  One of the most important things pe

Top 35+ fun upcoming events and things to do in London 2024

We are already in the second half of 2024, which promises many fun things to do in London. London is one of the busiest cities for fun, relaxation and other activities you can engage in your free time. Look at events and activities that can make you bored for the remainder of the year.  1. Battersea Games (Jul 1 to September 8) Battersea Games is one of the biggest games happening in London. You can watch the excitement on the big screens, or you can take part in it yourself. 2. Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships (July 1 to 14) Are you a lover of table sports,s? Then, this is an avenue to experience something different. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships returns with excitement and entertainment. 3. Buckingham Palace summer opening  If you want to have a shot at royalty, here is the chance. Travelling to London or live in the city, you should be there. 4. Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (12-14 Jul) If watching live art installations is your thing, then look no further.

How the EFL Championship prize money works 2023/2024

The EFL Championship is one of the biggest and most lucrative second-tier football championships in the world. However, the revenues available to clubs competing in it from prize money and TV revenues are surprisingly small. Surprisingly, clubs are not dependent on the prize money that they get from playing in the Championship. If they were, most of them would quickly go out of business. In Summary, the way the EFL Championship prize money is shared is according to the following: Prize Money (Final table). TV Revenues. Parachute payments. Solidarity payments.  And Gate Money. The money they derive from finishing in various places in the league is just a small fraction of the revenue pie. The EFL Championship Prize money The prize money on offer in the Championship is comparatively little, with the winner expected to pick up around £100,000 and the second-placed team £50,000.   After that, prize money drops in increments, with the side finishing bottom of the EFL Championship (Barnsley

Top 10 Football (soccer) tournaments with highest prize money 2024

Although the World Cup was lucrative in terms of prize money, it only ranked third in the world in terms of the monies available to the participants in 2022 in terms of international sporting events. In any case, that happens only every four years, at least until FIFA president Gianni Infantino gets his way and makes it a biennial event. Infantino, though, has already got his ideas on the most lucrative football tournament in the world, the Champions League, with his recently announced plans to expand the Club World Cup from 2025. 1. The UEFA Champions League    In 2022, the Champions League had total prize money of US $2.16 billion, of which US just over $90 million went to the winners Real Madrid. The prize pool has seen a dramatic increase in recent years, up from an estimated US $1.6 billion in 2016. In fact, the prize money is just one of the attractions that the teams involved can earn from participating in it. The share of broadcast revenues and sponsorship are considerable, eve

Premier League teams with the most Champions League titles

Despite Spanish dominance in European football, English teams also have an enviable reputation at the highest level. Premier League teams like Liverpool and Manchester United boast many UCL trophies. In the history of the Champions League, five English teams (Man United, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Chelsea, and recently Manchester City) have won it. To date, Liverpool is the most successful English Premier League team in the Champions League, ‘The Reds’ have won six trophies, with their most recent victory in 2019. Man United is the second most successful EPL team in the UCL and has won three titles (twice under Sir Alex Ferguson). 6. Manchester City   After an initial failed attempt to lift the continent trophy, Man City earned their first UCL title following the 1-0 defeat of Inter Milan at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in the 2022/23 final 5. Aston Villa – 1 Title   Aston Villa is one of the five English Premier League teams that have won the Champions League (European